Monday, June 24, 2013

Outer Banks, NC - update

currently claire and i are working our buns off. claire is waiting tables in two restaurants, about to start bartending. i am cooking in 3 different restaurants, 6 days a week, including a few doubles. we are determined to knock out the next 4 months of hard work, family gatherings, and the rest of our spare time on the beach with friends. we just purchased an external hard drive to sort through and store all of our Mexico files. we have an abundance of digital photographs, GoPro video footage, 35mm prints, polaroid prints, plus cell phone photos and videos. The plan is to gather all of this media, with the help from a few of our friends who work in professional production, to create a high quality movie! this may take a couple of months. but in the mean time, keep checking out our updates and archives. Please email us with any questions or comments about our boat or our travels, because they will most likely be used in our video.

this is the outer banks of north carolina, where both claire and i grew up. nothing but a mile wide sand bar! to the west is the sound (similar to a bay) with inlets that connect to the atlantic ocean to the east.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back on the Outer Banks, North Carolina

5/24 It was a total of a 7 hour drive to the Outer Banks, from Charleston. Through swamps and farm fields. NC produces a lot of corn, sweet potatoes, tobacco, cotton, blueberries, strawberries, wine, just to name a few. Not to mention the seafood. Blue crabs, soft shells, shrimp, flounder, stripers, tuna, mahi, you name it, we get it from the ocean. Pulled into GranFran’s house before midnight. Welcomed by Claire’s whole family! We made it back alive after over 2,000 nautical miles and 3,300 highway miles since last November when we left Dana Point, California. La Sancha floated like a dream and I got to know her pretty well.
5/25-5/30 Consisted of a lot of family gatherings and old friends, big meals. Surfing long left liners and morning solo longboarding. Gotta take in the beach time before they overflow in the next couple weeks. Planted some local flowers in pots, sweet basil, and piña mint. Claire and I got jobs at my friend Chuck’s new place. Salt Water Grill in Corolla. He just opened his doors a few weeks ago. He said he could use our help and is looking to build a team.
5/31 Michael’s first night of work in 8 months! Good Coastal Carolina food. Claire has picked up three jobs already. One of which is waiting full time for lunch at Salt Water Grill, starting Monday.
6/1 Second night of work for Michael was a double. It’s going to be a busy, tourist filled summer on the Outer Banks. What’s new? Millions of people and billions of dollars. We plan to get multiple jobs each, to fill up that cruising kitty and get back to Guaymas by October. Our poor boat...

carolina moon risin'

piña was content in the trash can

we are lucky enough to be staying at GranBob and GranFran's house, sound-front!

mac n cheese and hot dogs. half the macs got mustard bread crumbs.

lil william

brown butter brussels sprouts and bacon

here's johnny

claire's mother laura and sister monica

claire, her father rob, and aunt emily

Driving Across America: South Carolina

5/23Claire called up her cousin Chris and we were on the road 2 ½ hours to Charleston, South Carolina. Quick ride. We were greeted by Chris and Carson, not to mention ice cold Bourbon and Gingers. Stroll around the area. Similar to Savannah, but not as historical, with a touch of Southern Metropolitan. Claire’s brother William, plans to attend the Art Institute here, studying the Culinary Arts. Carson and Chris are fellow food lovers who enjoy the local restaurant and hospitality at night. There are lots of superb restaurant groups, plus some up and coming refined southern affair.
5/24 Up and out to get some Crepes. Quick tour of the historic jail and old homes. To the marina and waterfront. Another big Port of Entry. Lots of history and roots of america in the south. Fried chicken for lunch. On the road again. South of the Border in Dillon, SC. Pick up some last minute souvenirs, plus a surplus of fireworks. Immediately crosing the North Carolina state line, genius. About a total of a 7 hour drive to the Outer Banks.

carpaccio and calamari


claire and her cousin chris

the old jail


another place we plan to come with our boat

chris, claire, and carson


oh ya