Saturday, September 15, 2012

catching up on projects

ok re-cap. we're hustling. here's just a glimpse of the list that we're working on...

.: solar panel is mounted, working on finishing the poles and bracing.
.: wire solar panel to batteries (oh man...)
.: new (used) main sail going on, rigging, reefing
.: solar powered, sensored flood light installed in cock pit
.: new steamer/ foredeck light half mast
.: new LED anchor light top of mast
.: jack lines and harnessing
.: netting along the perimeter
.: fixing manual water pump so we have both options (electric now or manual incase power fails)
.: toilet rigged for pump out into ocean (fish poop too!)
.: radar reflector (so the big ships can see us better)

all of that is going on at once right now. our home is inside out, trashed. but when the dust settles in a few weeks it will all be done! i'll try my best to keep this all up to date as we knock out each task.

me and my bucket working on the steamer light. joe got the heron in the picture.

gotta love that new anchor set up.

Piña approved new main sail.


new bow roller

we've been working our buns off on the boat lately. sorry for lack of rapid posts. but i swear the next batch of posts are going to be bad ass.

so this is the roller that was on the boat when i bought it.
not much of nothin

we've been talking about a new roller forever. we have a 33lb. bruce claw lewmar solid galvanized. some say it may be a little big for our boat, but fuck that. excuse the language, but i want to be snug at night when i'm sleeping. i'll save my tiny danforth for a stern anchor, thank you.

had to cut a piece of wood to step it up flush. put a coat of helmsman on.
 i left the teak from the old roller out of respect. filled the holes with epoxy.

oh man.

ready to drop. secure.

that 4 inch deck plate to the left. we're going to put a cowl vent there. which leads into the chain locker. so that everything is connected at all times. i sandwiched the wood with 3M 5200 caulk. three fat bolts with huge lock washers.

all we have to do to drop the anchor is pull that pin out. simple. clean. safe.

not in the way of anything.

another quick and clean job done. the roller was pretty expensive, but if you think about it. how much does a bed frame cost? this was much less. we'll be sleeping on this anchor for many many nights. well worth it.