Friday, July 12, 2013

North Carolina - Outer Banks

Month of June til now - we are sort of settled in here now on the outer banks. It’s a pretty small area but we’re still running into people that we haven’t seen in quite a few years. Everyone is pretty shocked when they hear about what we’ve been up to with our travels on the boat. Claire and I are both still working a lot. We both work at Art’s Place in Kitty Hawk and RoadSide in Duck. Art’s is where my father used to take me for a hand pattied burgers, hand cut fries, and glass bottled coca-cola when I was a toddler. It’s been THE local hang out for over 30 years. Click this link.  RoadSide is equally established, to the north, in Duck. They get the freshest local fish and veggies with huge portions, the way it should be. Almost classic french with a southern influence. Both restaurants are cozy with a close knit family of employees, similar to the restaurant i was running in California, the Ramos House. Besides working we’ve been spending our time at the beach. The surf has been consistently fun and I’ve been able to rotate through every board in my quiver! Calvino sausage was also made, in time for the 4th of July. As a family we ground, seasoned, hand cranked, and braided almost 1,000 lbs. of pork into natural hog casings with our little cast iron press. Keep checking out the blog for periodic updates. We are also going through all of our video footage from Mexico and a full length feature film is in the works!

beach front

roadside at the little s-turn in the road

soccer star

Poco my mother's dog

appetizers that my sister made

making garlic knots

my sister taking her daily sunset picture

the dock in her neighborhood

dinner that my sister made

view from our back deck

wolf man came to town and the shirt was a total coincidence.

lil william brushing off his hands


big front moving in. thunderstorms almost everyday

family in the pool

scrappy getting a marg

la sancha getting her oil changed. such a good girl.

2 1/2 full fridges

going out on Rob's boat

threw out the anchor for a swim

it's quicker to take the boat to Duck, the road is filled with backed up tourist traffic

fresh biscuits and gravy with Calvino sausage

Monica making salt water bread

claire giving the lesson

RobinHood take from the rich (america) and give to the poor (mexico)

new racks

view from our bedroom

little longboard session across the street from Art's. pretty typical conditions.


will draining

hats in the air.