Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bahia de los Muertos

Bahia de los Muertos
We left Cabo Frailes at 4am. I woke up every hour before we left, calm wind, bright moon, clear sky. As soon as we leave, clouds and pitch pitch black. We motored out into the darkness with only 2 stern lights of other boats to follow way off in the distance. The sun came up a few hours later and we hoisted our sails, en route to Bahia de los Muertos, 47 miles north. The sun came up and we hoisted the storm jib and the mainsai. (thank you nukka sepe!!) We wanted to give the storm jib its first breath of air on our boat, try it out, and I thought maybe the less square footage would work better for going upwind. It did great. we had a fine day sailing. The current and chop wasn’t that bad, just barely white capping. We got our anchor down in Muertos at sunset around 17:30. Calm. About 8-10 boats here. 1/24 we went exploring on the dinghy and found a secret cove way off from the others. Snorkeled and fished. I saw a mahi swim in under the rock I was standing on, following a school of baitfish. I had no idea they came so close to shore! It was quite the view. Also saw a pufferfish the size of a basketball. We had dinner on don’s troller ‘double overhead’ with a few of our other boat friends. He’s a california surfer originally from the south. Great time. Claire and I made fried fish tacos with our days catch. 1/25&26 went to the Gran Suenos resort for internet, pool, and food. 1/27 cleaned the whole boat and got her ready for a 55+ mile sail to la paz. 1/28 left muertos at 3:30AM. By far one of our most favorite stops so far!


happy girl!

this is a mini version of bashing. see no white caps? when its bad out this spray goes 1/3 the way up the sail and all over the deck, cockpit, and our bodies.

looking south

looking north

'double overhead' beautiful troller. 3 stories. 2 full bathrooms, 4 bed rooms, 2 engine rooms, huge living room, full kitchen with a regular fridge, pilot room, patio, and full patio up top.

rich people stuff

our secret cove is to the right of that big rock. hard to see if you're not keeping an eye out. just big enough for 2 dinghies. 'sweet dreams' joined us for the day. we snorkeled and fish to the left and right were both 15ft. pools with scattered boulders and reefs.

dead coral beaches

cave entrance

she's adorable!

snorkeling pool

look at her go!!

hey dude!

oh ya!

urchins and fish!

coral and urchins

spotted puffers

a playground underwater

cliffs above the cove

exit of the cave

sara from 'sweet dreams' and her collection bag from spear fishing


'sweet dreams' catch of the day. no clue what any of them are, or if they were edible. but we ate them and didn't die so thats ok.

it's like shooting fish in a barrel

just enough room for 2 dinghies in our secret spot

some type of reefy rock bass, i would imagine.

gnarly teeth

not sure what family this is? grouper? rockfish? he was a fighter though.

the princess

the days catch

we just waltz right into the resort like we owned the place, and it worked.

bahia de los muertos looking north. see us?

the chef's table

every pool was an infinity

checking out the boats

swim up bars

brick ceiling





the cutest little girl FINALLY gets her fried chicken sandwich

camera shot through the giant binoculars

picture doesnt do justice, but you can see the bottom!

all the way to the anchor you could see.

so freaking cute in my WRV wetsuit

everything looked good from the last time we cleaned it, this was the worst spot at the stern. thats our motor well, we can put a small outboard in the lazarette. but we have a bigger outboard off the stern.

this is freddy. he followed us all the way to shore beside the dinghy. he likes to be pet.

panga catching a mahi right in the anchorage!


we found a whalebone shirt

crazy moon

freddy's dumb brother swallowed my hook.

claire made banana granola muffins for our departure. and then confessed to me after ALL this time that she hates everything with bananas in it. ugh...