Saturday, August 24, 2013

OBX july/august

July and August - Plenty of surf. La Sancha just got new brakes, rotors, and tires! Claire got a new laptop! After a few splurges we have paid off our debts and have finally started stashing money for our return trip to Guaymas. Claire’s Uncle Bud took us out for a quick day sail in his 16 footer. It was a great little sail around the Sound and up into the canals. It was our first time ever sailing in our home town! Too bad we forgot the camera… Work has been steady for the both of us. We have made it over the halfway bump of summer. it's about time for some HURRICANE SWELL!

Claire's brother Will and his friends on a small longboard afternoon

local tilefish

local swordfish, romesco broth, grits

Grandmother Jane's Nags Head cottage

first centerboard we've ever sailed

porches all over

Claire making dinner

fresh ground beef

cottages that some of our friends have been renting over the summer

party remnants

fishing on the little bridge

2nd throw of my cast net

our fathers

family night

woody skimmin

wake-skimmin with jimmy

the only covered bridge in eastern north carolina is on my parents street

La Sancha at the Calvino Compound