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Claire Holmes 
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  1. Hey Claire,
    bud here. wish I'd been with you when the weather-sailing was crazy. Wish I was there now.
    I'm going to run away. See you in Cabo.

  2. Hey
    Pescadero, back up the west side twenty miles maybe (from Cabo), there is a good
    river mouth point break that picks up a good north swell. If you get a norther while you are there check it out. I got eight foot plus there in January? 1893.
    Awesome, nobody out.

  3. May only be ten miles.

  4. My goodness. That sounds intense. Jimmanee Crickets. I know you are glad that's passed. Glad you had friends.
    My girlfriend (Lilie says to say in the past)and I were on a huge oak shooner in the key west harbor in June (yes, a few years ago).
    Everyone left the ship but she and I. Tropical Storm came up. We tacked back and forth on anchor for days, until we had nearly chafed through the main anchor line. We had to crank in that anchor, set another one, and laugh at how smart we were.
    Ha Ha.And lucky. There was not much room to drift before (can't remember any nautical terms)we were beached and battered. Yes, the captain's quarter million dollar boat. My goodness. While I am at it. It looks like the cove south of escondito (around the point and up in the bay)gets a crazy wrap in swell there; swell when the more windward parts don't show much. Looking on my swell watch thing here on the computer, it just shows a crazy swell when nowhere else. Can't figure it out. If you guys ever leave the east side of baja, and get further south, keep it in mind. Mike you sound like an awesome sea worthy guy. Glad Claire is there with you.