Splendid Isolation is the home of a very special threesome. Michael, Claire, and of course our ship-cat Piña!

A little about ourselves. We both grew up on the sandy shores of North Carolina in the town of Kitty Hawk. Being from The Outer Banks, the Ocean has always been a huge part of our lives.

Michael attended The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Moved to Dana Point, California in 2008. Spent 3 years working bottom to top at Studio, the 5 star restaurant located in The Montage Laguna Beach. Moving on, he spent two years running the kitchen of The Ramos House Café in San Juan Capistrano, California. Michael is an extremely talented chef whose determination and passion for anything he sets his mind to has made him a wonderful and compassionate skipper. Taking on the responsibility of his crew.

Speaking of cute. Claire and Piña have joined Michael in the cruising life and have learned quickly that a first mate’s job is endless.

Claire grew up a soccer star. She was dragged out to California in 2010, where she attended the James Albert School of Cosmetology. She is now a licensed Cosmetologist. Also working in the restaurant and hospitality industry. She has become quite the “little chef” in the past few years.

We naively and spontaneously purchased this here sloop in January of 2011 from a great lad by the name of Taylor Zepada from Long Beach, CA for $3,000. We relocated her to Dana Point Harbor, CA. 

She is a 1967 Cal28 designed by Bill Lapworth and built by Jensen Marine Corporation in Costa Mesa, CA.

It was not hard to instantly fall in love with Splendid Isolation for she brought us hope of a simple life ahead. Working hard to prepare her for sea was no easy feat. We spent almost 2 full years overhauling our ship. Countless trips to Minney’s, dumpster diving, and West Marine. Re-doing projects that had been done wrong, and learning our ship through and through. As we went along, most days left us extremely hungry, and at times, frustrated. We motivated each other to keep pushing forward, reminding our selves that this would soon bring us more happiness than we could ever imagine!

Living as frugal and as efficiently as possible, we were determined to set sail. We gave our 2 weeks notice, sold our vehicles, and anything we couldn’t bring was left on the side of the road. We departed Dana Point Harbor November of 2012, destination, Mexico. Having never owned a sailboat, let a lone sailed one, we have transformed our lifestyles into that of true cruisers. 

In today's world simplicity is difficult. Splendid Isolation is our effort to simplify our lives. I had an epiphany that life should be lived hardest while young. I've grown up surrounded by overly hard workers, I am guilty myself. Working hard day and night towards a light that is your goal. People do this for years, until before they know it they're at the average American retirement age. It seems backwards, we should see the world while we are young. There is a lot to learn out there, and the only way to experience it is to throw yourself in. So why not retire first and work later? Or better yet, just keep traveling and work as needed.

Please, travel with us as we learn the world of sailing and what the ocean has to offer us. This is our story.

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Claire Holmes
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  1. You know you're the man right?

  2. I trust you will have a wonderful cruise in your Cal 28! You are embarking on my dream trip, the one I never made in my Cal 28. We'll be watching your progress online! Stay safe!

    Bruce Stirling
    Gangfurd - Cal 28