Sunday, March 24, 2013


3/20 Anchor up at 11:00AM heading to Agua Verde 15 miles. Puerto Gato y Toro was beautiful! Very glad for the experience. No wind HOT 89º in the galley. 13:50 still no wind. Almost to the dangerous Marcial rocks. Got a fish on trolling but it snapped the line! (dad, the smaller rod with the annoying tip that bites the line, ugh. Gotta keep it on the roller) we pulled into Agua Verde after a very long and hot afternoon of no wind. We spent the day dumping buckets of water on ourselves and smothering sunscreen. First we went to the southside anchorage to check it out. There were 2 other boats. We attempted an anchor drop. Curious about the north side. Anchor down at 16:30 on the north side. More swing room and better depth. Goats on the hill. We were told this town makes fantastic goat cheese. Immediate dinghy to shore to be the judge of that.
3/21 five swiss guys on a 41’ chartered Beneteau out of La Paz anchored right ontop of us. I warned them of a huge submerged rock in their area. They snorkeled around and couldnt find it. Later that evening they invited claire and myself over for “drinks”. Just before that invitation a pangadero cruised by and handed me a red fish and said its excellent for ceviche. I gave him a handful of hooks in return. Claire made a cheese plate with the local goat cheese, her fresh baked bread, and a drizzle of honey. I made a bowl of ceviche with crackers and tostadas. We drifted over to our swiss friends. Before we knew it we were into seven bottles of wine, a full appetizer spread, grilled lobster tail, smuggled in swiss gruyere and cured meats, plus top shelf scotch whiskey, finished off with a desert of bananas, strawberries, and cream! What a great night we had speaking French, Spanish, and English. Now we have full on contacts in Switzerland for when we travel Europe!
3/23 Getting ready to head out of Agua Verde towards Puerto Escondido. About 20 miles. We need to refill on water for my mother’s visit. Anchor up at 9:00AM. Motor sailing at 5 kts with very light wind. 14:30 tied to the fuel dock in Puerto Escondido. Our Swiss friends are here! But they were on their way out, 3 miles across the channel to a more secluded anchorage. After topping off on water, Claire and I left ‘Splendid Isolation’ and Piña at the fuel dock and went to the restaurant for email and skype. It’s been at least 2 weeks with no communication! Anchor down at 18:30 in one of many calm nooks in this fascinating bay.
I found this online and thought it was pretty interesting because we’ve sailed through most of the areas it talks about. A good read.

fresh local goat cheese

claire's cheese plate

pretty inviting



i love this shot. they were squeeling throwing dust!

freee food!

my ceviche