Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quick trip to Galveston TX

Claire, piña, and I have crossed the border back into America. We're driving 1300 miles to Galveston TX to celebrate Mardi Gras. While we're there we plan to stay productive. We have about one weeks worth of tasks to take care of before we head back to Guaymas, Mexico and prepare for the major sailboat shipment. By the end of March we should be happily floating in gulf waters near Houston Texas!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sea of Cortez Snorkel Adventure

The Sea of Cortez is surprisingly an unknown body of water to most people.  With the Baja Peninsula blocking out almost all Pacific Ocean swell completely, the water stays clear and warm most of the year.

Unfortunately, long period ground swells do not hold here, so no surfing this far North. But, this gives living reefs a gentle environment to thrive in, not to mention some of the best sailing in the world! 

Below is a video compilation of our snorkeling adventures through out the sea.  We recommend fully loading the video, view in full screen, and turn up your speakers.  Hope you enjoy!

We've found a few good snorkeling spots while we've been here in Guaymas

Starfish with a Shrimp friend

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Empalme Beach Camping

This past weekend all of us boatyard people decided to go on a camping trip. So we packed up our back packs added a few beers, random veggies, pancake mix, and our tent and headed to Empalme. A town about 20 minutes from here. George, Michael and I in George's Dodge Ram. The Brits with their parents in their car. Rudy in his truck and Allen our caboose in his MoHome. We got to the beach around 3 and set up camp. We spent the day collecting wood for a fire, making a homemade put put course, taking turns on the kayak and enjoying the sun. We had grabbed some fresh seafood on the way and Michael prepared a huge pot of Mexican Seafood Paella, which is what we called it. After we had soaked up everything we could from the beach that day we went to sleep with full bellies. The morning brought another day of sunshine. Allen and I fixed up a huge breakfast and we left. A few days later having the itch to get out of the yard and finally be back in La Sancha we set out to explore a new cove. We are now slowly getting to work on preparing Splendid for the trailer and the open road. 

exploring new coves 

We found a Pacific Sea Horse!!!!

La Sancha looking good after her tune up 


little lighthouse on the point

Piña guarding her home

sweet potato soup a little avocado and lime crema and don't forget the queso fresco
craving Christina's soup so bad.....

Piña's new hiding spot

enjoying beautiful days together in the sun

Beach camping in Empalme 

temporary fix to our sink problems

Preparing Caramelos. It's basically a cheese quesadilla with caramelized onions.

Michael makes them almost as good as the lady down the road

The beginning of our fire pit

the boys 

Michael's favorite thing to do. Build fire pits

Gordon, Kirsty's dad and Allen owner of the lovely mobile home.

New trick.. Cover your corn in seaweed. Keeps it moist and gives it just enough salt. 

Almejas Chocolatas popular in Mexico. All of the locals dig for these bad boys. They are going for 2 pesos on the side of the road. Michael and Gordon dug these up. 

Our kitchen

we were blessed with the most gorgeous sunset

Allen's kitchen in the mo home.

Dinner is served. Mexican seafood paella 


Playing a little after dinner golf

George can fall asleep anywhere. Seriously..

It couldn't get better than waking up on the beach


Kirsty, her mum Ronnie and I. 

Have you ever seen a tan ladybug??

handmade gulf course by Michael Jr. Calvino

The dolphins came to say hello

El Jefe

Stopped for a late lunch in the shade on the way home from camping. 

 A little dog family was taking over the restaurant 

Ceviche de Pescado mi favorite 

tacos de cameron

Piña left this little guy on the bed for our welcome home present. 

Perfectly cooked meat by Claire 

tacos de carne para lunch


Two new projects. Board re shaped to fit with table to complete the perfect sitting experience. HUSU Also my new purse I made while practicing a sewing technique. 


tea for two