Monday, February 9, 2015

Changing Websites

We sincerely apologize for neglecting our website over the past months.  We plan to update you all, on everything, soon.  A lot of hard work has been going on aboard Splendid Isolation.  Big changes have been made, and more to come. will be our new website location. 

This current website will be archived onto the new website.

Check back soon for a cleaner, more modern website.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Starting off our Summer

Here is just a wide array of images captured over the past month or two.  We have had quite a lot going on since we've launched Splendid Isolation into the Gulf. 

Claire and Colleen enjoying beverages down in Surfside, TX

our newest crewmember!
Comida China
pronounced: coh-mee-duh  chee-nuh
(Spanish for Chinese Food)

surfside, tx

marc paddling out

turned out to be a really fun day

piña living the rough life

comida china getting used to the boat life

rainbow over Galveston

best i could do with a point and shoot pocket camera, the lighting was nuts.

gopro version of rainbow

colleen, claire, and claire at the beach hut while marc's band shark attack play

big blue


claire helping our sailing friend clinton.
she's quite the bosun.

clipperhouse inn where my mom stayed on her trip

kemah, tx

a sloop coming into the channel off Galveston Bay

working on a new companionway panel for our AC exhaust duct, also future kitty door?

finished the teak restoration that my mother started

it's hot and humid...

grommet anvil out making a new boomtent the cheap and easy way.
$20 canvas drop cloth

much better than the cheap blue tarps most people use.
this actually looks classy and breaths fresh air instead of trapping in heat.
our previous one lasted about 3 years of heavy usage.

pretty decent match on the new panel

AC exhaust blows out all the hot humid air keeping us and the kitties comfortable inside

not as elegant as the outside. 
the portable AC unit keeps the inside of the boat a slightly cooler, more comfortable, and dry atmosphere.

surfside, tx

surfside, tx

dishes in the cockpit

piña and comida china acting weird as usual

piña swabbing down her new little sister

camillo with some whataburger shades

company cart

galveston bay, rare doldrums

noah's arc in bacliff

most women think of a little blue box...
well this is the volvo owner's version. same feeling.
la sancha has been getting attention as well.
all new clutch, fuel pump wiring, new tailgate latch... 

new shifter knob, and 5th gear overdrive button

it's a love hate thing

west marine had 30% off all line
purchased enough to upgrade some of our rigging. coming soon.

more of the galveston full rainbow, gopro

10 oz. ribeye at 10pm after a full days work and surf

cleaned up the dinghy

one of our neighbors practicing what not to do...sad

once i got the dinghy in the water, clinton and i were heading out for a zip on the lake.
this 25' sailboat was limping into the marina under jibsail alone. their motor had failed.
we gave them a tow in with the port-a-bote.

***when "towing" a larger vessel with our dinghy, i find it best to side tie and go in as tandem. this puts your outboard where their propellor would be.  giving them full use of their rudder and complete control. pushing or pulling the vessel does not work, that is for beefy tugboats.

piña got a deshedder brush, for good reason. 
it is hot and humid here and we are doing our best to keep her comfortable.

David and his family live on a little island across from our marina called Clear Lake Shores.
on July 4th we rode his yellow golfcart in the parade around the island.  His daughter rode her bicycle dressed as the Statue of Libery and won first place!

our friend Marc playing a show at the St. Luis resort on Galveston Island for the 4th of July.
Not bad sitting in the pool bar.

piña noticed comida china...

...she had jumped off the boat for her first time!